Hedging & Tree Pruning

For Garden Beauty and Health

Trim Your Garden for Aesthetics and Health

At Hunts Garden, we understand the work and time required to tackle those big jobs in the garden such as hedging, tree pruning and complete clean-ups. We also recognise plants and trees require pruning and the occasional cutting back to thrive.

Trimmed hedges on curving path of crushed rock

Skilled and Equipped to Shape, Prune, and Reach

Our Hedging & Tree Pruning services help to transform your garden from scruffy and unmanageable, to neat and tidy. The team are competent to clip and shape hedges, prune trees and shrubs seasonally and control rapid weed growth. We also have the skills and equipment to take on those hard to reach areas of your garden, so you don’t have to.

Daniel hedge trimming on a ladder
Trimmed tall hedge wall

Make Room for New Life

Hunts Garden also offer complete garden demolition to clear out unwanted or lifeless trees, shrubs and plants in preparation for a new garden, a new build, or the potential sale of your property. Not only will we get the work done, but we’ll also remove the waste to leave you with a tidy and restored garden area.

Trimmed hedges surrounding pool
Daniel trimming hedges at head height, on a countryside property
Trimmed hedges around a formal garden

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Our Promise

The job isn't done until you're seeing the promised results, because we believe deeply in the quality of our work, and delivering to your satisfaction.

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